Aspis SA is a Swiss provider of (re)insurance consulting services for EMEA.
What is Aspis

The Aspis, a large round shield, was the most important piece of equipment of the heavy infantry in Ancient Greece. Its large size covered a large portion of the holder's body and its weight allowed it to deliver crushing blows.

Likewise, our company offers a wide range of services to withstand the challenges a (re)insurance company may face. Aspis SA is focusing on specific solutions for clients` unique needs.

Aspis SA is a human dimension company with an enthusiastic multicultural and multilingual team dedicated to client's needs all around the world. Rich experience in insurance and international reinsurance broking coupled with our specialist market knowledge allows us to find the best solution for our clients.
Try every day to develop new solutions
Winning spirit
Winning spirits as drivers of our growth
The key of our success
The ground of intern and extern relationships
Foster a culture of equal commitment to all clients
Constant monitoring of global insurance and reinsurance market trend
We apply the best international practice and implement innovative products, thus we offer a large range of solutions adapted to our clients` needs
We monitor the changes in EU insurance legislation and advise our clients about necessary amendments to the Insurance and Reinsurance contracts
Risks identification & Expertise
We evaluate the Insured's and Insurer's existing insurance and reinsurance contracts in order to find the possible pitfalls and traps
Settlement of claims
We organize and manage pre-trial and judicial settlement under the jurisdiction of the (Re)insured
Our cooperation with reliable partners allows us to find the best solutions for our clients
We provide support for medium- and large-sized international companies. Our team consists of highly motivated specialists with deep industry knowledge and international work experience.
A vision of true safety
Balance sheet and P&L protection
Claims settlement
Standardization, regulation and risk management analysis of business processes

We monitor regulatory trends, which can have a significant effect on (Re)insurance in order to manage general business processes of our Clients in accordance with industry standard and regulatory compliance.
Risk management and (Re)insurance coverage analysis & Cost reduction

For the sake of enhancing the financial sustainability, we provide a detailed analysis of Risks for our Insured Clients.
International commodity trade services

Our administrators and partners provide to our Clients in the international commodity trade business with a full support consisting in complex financing, risk management and (Re)insurance services. Such services include but are not limited to:

- financing in Swiss and international Banks for global commodity trade operations;

- mutual funds setting-up aiming the trade operations financing;

- risk analysis of trade operations and proposal of appropriate risk-mitigation options

- consulting for elaboration of (Re)insurance multiline programs and master policies covering our Client's specific risks worldwide

Balance sheet and P&L protection

Our dedicated team consults on tailor-made alternative risk transfer programs and/or captive (Re)insurance and/or (Re)insurance - linked mechanisms aiming the improvement of our Clients' solvency and cash management.
Immediate claims settlement

Our experts provide full support for our Clients` business in disputable claims cases including documents expertise, pre-trial negotiation and mediation, and compromise solutions.
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